Jeeves and Wooster at Warminster

THE timeless, daffy humour of PG Wodehouse’s Bertie Wooster and butler Jeeves are brought to life by Warminster’s Limelight Players at the Athenaeum theatre from 25th to 27th November.

The company has chosen Perfect Nonsense, adapted from the original stories by Robert and David Goodale, directed by Penelope Christopher, with a cast of three.

Jamie House plays the ineffably foolish Bertie and Mark Whitwood ais Jeeves, as always ready to rescue his young master from whatever predicament he has got himself into.

Mark Whitwood also plays four other classic Wodehouse characters, including Sir Watkyn Bassett, Gussie Fink-Nottle and Madeline Bassett. Andrew Chapman as Seppings, Aunt Dahlia’s butler, plays another five, including Aunt Dahlia and Roderick Spode.

The plot revolves around Bertie staging a one-man show which in turn revolves around a recent and rather spectacular series of misadventures at Totleigh Towers.

This is ALPs’ first production since the lockdowns, and the Warminster audience is surely in for a treat!

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