Journey into outer space with Squashbox

TAKE an amazing, astronomical journey to the edges of space and time with Dorchester Arts, in Universarama! at the Corn Exchange on Thursday 30th May at 2pm.

Professor Johnson of the Squashbox Theatre Astounding And Amazing Astronomical Research Society (S.T.A.A.A.A.R.S) will take families on a journey exploring the solar system, studying the stars and constellations and visiting distant galaxies.

Along the way, he will also tell the fascinating story of John Couch Adams, the Cornishman who discovered Neptune.

Universarama! is a marvellous blend of spectacle, storytelling and cabaret, all contained within an accessible and funny family show, created by Craig Johnson, actor, musician, puppeteer, astronomy fan, and long-standing member of Cornwall’s renowned Kneehigh Theatre.

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