Joy around the world

SURROUNDED as we are by grim statistics and constant reports of death from coronavirus – not to mention the currently under-reported tragedies in Syria and the Yemen – it is easy to forget how much joy there is in simple pleasures.

To mark the launch of this year’s international photographic awards, CEWE, the Warwick-based photograph printing company which runs the competition, has released 20 photos from around the world to “put a smile on your face.”

They have been selected from more than 448,152 images submitted to the 2019 CEWE Photo Award, officially the largest photographic competition in the world. This year’s competition opens for entries on Monday 18th May.

The 20 images, three of which are shown here, were chosen to illustrate the beauty and joy that can be found in everyday life.

The competition is free to enter, and open to keen amateur photographers as well as established professionals. The photographs are judged by a panel of recognised industry experts.

Pictured: Grandpa has some help to keep up with his grandchildren, in Sierning, Austria; photograph by Josef Hinterleitner. Rainy days in London don’t have to be gloomy; photograph by Patrycja Gorecka. Two boys in Myanmar make their own fun; photograph by Eric Tkindt