Just Like That! – remembering Tommy Cooper

TOMMY Cooper was a one-off comic genius, and comedian and actor John Hewer has won critical acclaim and sell-out audiences for the show in which he celebrates the odd-ball hilarity of the man in the red fez, coming to Poole’s Lighthouse arts centre on Saturday 22nd July.

Hewer, whose other comic resurrections include Tony Hancock and Frankie Howerd, has performed Just Like That! at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, on a 16-week residency at The Museum and on The Alan Titchmarsh Show,

Tommy Cooper’s trademark fez and misfiring magic, his impeccable timing, love of slapstick and quick-fire gags made him an international star.

Just Like That! celebrates his magic, music and mirth with all his classic gags and some lesser-known gems from his joke archive.