Kora-guitar journey in Dorset

A CHANCE encounter in Bath in 2007 between the Senegalese kora player Amadou Diagne and French-American guitarist Cory Seznec led to a new musical adventure, and this year to a three date Artsreach tour to Langton Matravers village hall on Thursday 9th December, Winterborne Stickland’s Pamela Hambro on Friday 10th and Portesham hall on Saturday 11th.

Diagne and Seznec have been working together, rehearsinbg in Paris and recording a new album at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios at Box in Wiltshire.

Touki – Rights of Passage draws heavily on the traditional music and rhythms of West Africa. The kora dances playfully around banjo and the guitar, while the calabash and other percussion add powerful, driving beats, and silky voices entrance.

The influences are many, and rather than remaining in any one tradition, the touki – the musical voyage itself –- is the destination. All the concerts start at 7.30pm.