Land of Light for Longleat Christmas 2020

THE Wiltshire landscape around Longleat will be magically transformed into the Land of Light this winter as part of a new event, now running from 3rd December to 10th January 2021. 

Through technology, art and interactive installations, Land of Light features thousands of spectacular light sources, illuminating seven themed areas across the estate.

The show will be a spectacular and unique alternative to Longleat’s much-loved winter lantern extravaganza which has become a Christmas favourite but due to Covid-19 has been postponed until 2021.

The light shows will include sensational projections on the facade of Longleat House, dancing fountains and animated light displays across the ornate grounds and gardens, Half Mile Lake and The Longhouse.

Visitors will be able to wander through motion-detected splashes of playful colour and sound and step inside a four-metre tall geometric portal with its immersive and vibrant pattern of choreographed lights.

Longleat’s Sun Maze and Love Labyrinth will be embellished with LED lighting, mirror balls and atmospheric haze, with trees and topiary hedges decked out in their own stunning illuminated displays, bringing a wintery shimmer to the historic gardens.

The Adventure Castle will be creaking at the parapets with the sights and sounds of the medieval. Listen to hear the knights jousting and see the steam billowing up from the blacksmith’s forge.

A 70-metre long sensory tunnel will lead visitors to The Longhouse for a 360° infinity optical and aural experience, with fully mirrored walls and hundreds of diffracted laser beams.

The 20-metre tall Enchanted Christmas Tree will be in its usual position in the Stable Yard and the Santa Train will carry guests to Father Christmas’ magical woodland grotto. This year, there is also a new storytelling experience in Santa’s cosy den.

Due to Covid-19 and for the safety of Longleat’s guests and staff, the Land of Light will have a much-reduced capacity. Check later in November for details of booking,  on the website, 

Pictured: Dramatic lighting on the beautiful front of the Elizabethan Longleat House