Landscapes of a common ground

THE June exhibition at the Slade Centre gallery in Gillingham is Landscapes of a Common Ground, nine Dorset artists celebrating their love of nature, from 4th June to 2nd July. ‘This will be the inaugural exhibition of a new group, the Dorset Romantics.

“I am particularly interested to see how this diverse group has responded to our extraordinary county,” says gallery owner Anne Hitchcock. “In recent years, for me ‘making art’ has meant ‘making exhibitions’.

“I enjoy and am fascinated by the process of so doing and the response of visitors to the shows I have curated. But I haven’t forgotten my own responses to the Dorset landscape when I moved here some 20 years ago. I was then an established artist accustomed to responding to the places in which I found myself, however I will admit to being quite overwhelmed by the landscape which now surrounded me. It was achingly beautiful and yet strangely disturbing. How could I do it justice in my work while avoiding producing something which might adorn a biscuit tin?

“This early response to Dorset has never left me. It certainly goes some way towards explaining the sense of intrigue I felt when first approached to show the work of the Dorset Romantics.”

The artists are: Rob Adams, Stephen Bithell, Sue Fawthrop. Michael Hemming, Zara McQueen, Kevin Moore, Kim Pragnell, Rachel Sargent and Roger Seddon.

Paintings by Rachel Sargent and Rob Adams