Learning to play with toooB

ANGEL Exit, the Dorset-based experimental theatre company, has a new show for children aged between six and 24 months, and their families, and it’s coming to Salisbury Arts Centre at 11am and 1.30pm on Friday 6th March.

Curious and friendly, shape-shifting toooB will enchant pre-school children. As toooB explores the world around her, she learns how things work and invents games to play with the humans. She’s both strange and beguiling and familiar and full of fun.

It’s an enchanting wordless performance for tinies and their grown-ups, a gentle sensory adventure where a performer is costumed inside a giant caterpillar-like tunnel creation, magically manipulating it before playfully emerging from the tunnel and inviting the audience to play.

With an original soundtrack and captivating movement toooB is created by Angel Exit, designed by Verity Quinn and composed by Tom Ball.