Life After Sherlock

THE touring play Life After Sherlock, the extended memories of Dr John H Watson, described as “a tale of blackmail, murder, suicide, deceit and treasure all in two acts,” comes to Forest Arts in New Milton on Tuesday 14th May, Portsmouth Guildhall Studio on 29th and 30th and Hanger Farm Arts in Southampton on 31st May.

Produced by Devil’s Drum, it follows the successful tour of Private Henry Tandey VC. There are 21 performances in 17 venues across the south of England, with a cast of seven led by Mike Grogan.

Sherlock Holmes has retired to a life of beekeeping. But back in Baker Street his good friend Dr. Watson discovers that the reason for his late wife’s death may not have been as it seemed at the time.

Old acquaintances Mrs. Hudson and Inspector Lestrade are willing to help Dr Watson, but Holmes is never far away.

The story is based on characters created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

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