Living in a world without hearing

JONNY is deaf and his world is different from those with hearing. Those differences are explored in a touching and humorous one-man play, Mr and Mrs Clark: Louder is Not Always Clearer, at Honiton’s Beehive Centre on Thursday 19th March.

Jonny is a teacher, a workshop leader and an avid football fan. He’s an artist, a campaigner, he’s just become a father. He loves to dance, but he can’t hear the music unless the bass is turned right up.

Jonny was born deaf and grew up with a hearing family and friends who did not use the word deaf. The play, presented by Devon’s Villages In Action rural arts touring organisation, paints an honest portrait of a man perceived to be full of confidence and who is outwardly social, but is inwardly vulnerable and at times isolated.

The show is accessible to D/deaf, hard of hearing and hearing audiences through the use of spoken English, British Sign Language and creative captions.