Magic Flute from Covent Garden to you

A LIVE performance of Mozart’s The Magic Flute will be screened live by satellite on Wednesday 20th September, at arts centres, cinemas and theatres around the world.

It is part of the new Royal Opera House Live Cinema Season 2017/18 , and in our region it comes to Christchurch Regent Centre as well as Witshire Music Centre at Bradford on Avon, The Beehive in Honiton, Strode Theatre in Street and Taunton’s Brewhouse.  The screening starts at 7.15, and at Christchurch there is an encore screening at 2pm on Sunday 24th September.

The Magic Flute is Mozart’s most popular work, with its famous Queen of the Night aria. It is a magical rite of passage through mysticism, enchantment, love and trickery.

The handsome young prince Tamino sets out to rescue the beautiful Pamina at the request of The Queen of the Night. With only a magic flute and cheerful companion, Papageno, to help him, Tamino soon finds himself not only searching for Pamina, but for love, enlightenment and wisdom.

The astonishing French soprano Sabine Devieilhe makes her Royal Opera debut as the Queen of the Night.

Set designer, John Macfarlane, brings Mozart’s magical opera to life in his designs, from the panoramic night sky to the dancing animals summoned by Tamino’s flute and the incredible flying machine of the Three Boys.

For more information, telephone the Regent on 01202 499199 or visit the website, or contact the other participating venues.