Masters of chaos canter into Poole

FINLAND’s Race Horse Company brings its particular blend of chaos, humour and surprise in a thrilling circus extravaganza to Poole’s Lighthouse Arts Centre on 25th and 26th April.

Super Sunday is a high-octane spectacular staged within a surreal derelict funfair where six male performers play out increasingly risky rites of passage in a wild whirlwind ride.

They perform petrifying feats of synchronised trampolining, death-defying human catapulting and daredevil acrobatics on giant seesaws.

Race Horse Company was set up in 2008 when three fearless Finnish acrobats – Petri Tuominen, Rauli Kosonen and Kalle Lehto – decided to create a new brand of uncompromising and personal contemporary circus. Their performances are based on the aesthetics of chaos, humour and surprise, leaving philosophy and thinking to the audience.

Pictures by David Levene.