Masters of Invention at the Devon Guild

GRAFFITI art meets contemporary craft in Masters of Invention at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen exhibition from Saturday 18th May to Sunday 7th July at the Jubilee gallery at the Guild’s Bovey Tracey home.

The exhibition explores the evolution of European graffiti art by bringing together a new collection of paintings and artworks by some of the culture’s most influential artists of the past 40 years.

Masters of Invention presents exciting works by a generation of contemporary artists from the UK and Europe, each of whom explores creative possibilities away from city walls and subways.

Among those featured are London-based Elk O’Sullivan who makes paintings steeped in the history of the colour schemes of New York City’s subway-graffiti, and Dutch contemporary artist/sculptor Boris Tellegen who is renowned for pushing the boundaries of the form, converts 2D graffiti lettering into abstract 3D experiences.

There will be illustrations and lettering from Mode2, ceramics and sculpture by London designer, Khashayar Naimanan, handcrafted forms in the third dimension by the London-based Errol Donald,designer and lettering artist, and British-born abstract artist Keith Hopewell’s vibrant, spray-paint installations.

Curated by artists Errol Donald and Khashayar Naimanan, Masters of Invention acknowledges the continuing legacy of a now global art movement, and a generation of innovators that continue to explore its creative potential.

Pictured: Boris Tellegen, Atled 2, wooden cabinet, 2017.