More Blue Sky thinking

TOP comedians Mark Thomas and Josie Long and Roustabout Theatre with a pandemic-themed show are among the latest addition to Pound Arts’ exciting Blue Sky and Beyond digital festival, running from 8th to 14th June.

On Tuesday 9th June, Mark Thomas, best known for his politically inspired satirical observations and investigations, will present a special live-stream with Faisal Abu Alhayjaa and Alaa Shehada of Showtime From the Frontline, a defiant piece of theatre about setting up a comedy club in a refugee camp in Palestine.

Lefty Scum – Josie Long, Grace Petrie and Jonny and the Baptists – will be rousing the rabble on Wednesday 10th June at 8.30pm.

Roustabout Theatre’s new comedy for all the family, (It’s Not All) Zoom & Gloom celebrates the creativity that so many have shown during lockdown, but also highlights the nonsense that comes with any attempt to communicate online.

Pound Arts and Corsham Town Council have also commissioned three public artworks to bring colour to the streets during the festival, created by artists that use recycled materials.

Multi-disciplinary street artist Duncan McKellar creates bright yellow sculptures out of foam tubes usually found around scaffolding. His new series of monkeys and stars will take over the town centre.

Anya Beaumont makes sculptural works using paper, metal and plastic. Her three colourful flower pieces uses plastic that would otherwise be thrown away or recycled.

Upholsterer and sculptor Clare Winnan, one of Pound Arts’ resident artists, combines traditional and modern techniques to create bold sculptures and furniture. A colourful chair planter filled with flowers inspired by the beautiful rainbows in windows will be temporarily installed on the streets of Corsham.

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Pictured: Roustabout Theatre’s (It’s Not All) Zoom and Gloom, Mark Thomas’s Showtime From the Frontline.