New Eras at Poole’s Lighthouse

ON Wednesday 17th January, The BSO’s Artist in Res­idence, clarinettist Andreas Ottensamer, ret­urns to the Poole Lighthouse stage for a concert conducted by  Matthew Halls.

The programme includes works by Mozart and Dvořák  as well as concertos by Johann and Carl Stamitz which Ottensamer will be perform and direct from the clarinet.

All the pieces in the concert represent a pivotal change in their composer’s careers – the start of a new era.

Mozart’s Symphony No.35, (the Haffner), was composed in 1782 and commissioned by the prominent Haffner family of Salzburg.

Dvořák’s Symphony No.5 represents a milestone in the development of the composer’s career, as it was with this piece that Dvořák left his symphonic apprenticeship behind him and attained mastery and individual style. The distinctive quality of Symphony No.5, simultaneously dramatic and airy, owes much to Schubert, to whom he turned to for inspiration after abandoning the Wagnerian style he had previously adopted.

Andreas Ottensamer’s New Era CD, released last year, contains a dazzling selection of the clarinet’s early repertoire from 18th century Mannheim. The album includes the two clarinet concertos that he will be performing in Poole.

“It’s fascinating to think that Mannheim inspired so many composers and musicians, and it was the players themselves who made it happen – it gave them the chance to do their own thing,” says Andreas.

“Every aspect of composition, playing, teaching and conducting was concentrated there, and audiences went wild, blown away by the kind of rock-star ensemble that they heard.”

The clarinettist was born in Vienna and took up the instrument when he was 12, having first studied the cello.

The Lighthouse concert starts at  7.30pm. For more details, visit the website, or telephone 01202 280000.