New play at the Sherling Studio

WRITER and performer Phoebe McIntosh brings her new play, Dominoes, to Poole’s Lightouse on 16th and 17th March.

The co-production by Lighthouse and Black Theatre Live is dir­ec­ted by  Stephen Wrentmore, and on stage at 8pm nightly.

It is the story of  mixed race history teacher Layla McKinnon, who  is days away from saying “I do” to Andy McKinnon. Already having the same surname as her fiancé used to be just a funny coincidence  but now it threatens to drive them apart.

Piecing together her family tree, Layla tries to hold onto her best friend and her husband-to-be and find out who she is and where she fits in.

Phoebe has written and performs her bold new solo show, which  explores the complexities of being mixed race.  It asks the audience to consider if the difficulties of the past will always pose a threat to the future and if discovering your identity means picking a side.

For more information telephone 01202 280000 or visit the website,

Dominoes is also on at Bridport Arts Centre on Friday 6th April.