New work focuses on homelessness

A JAZZ and spoken word work called Comfort In Chaos will be premiered at the 1532 Performing Arts Centre in Bristol on Saturday 18th September.

Composed by Harriet Riley (Paraorchestra) and Pete Judge (Get The Blessing), Comfort In Chaos highlights growing concerns about homelessness and the work of Bristol charity, 1625 Independent People, which works with young people who are homeless, leaving care, or at risk of homelessness in the South West .

Poems, created by young people from 1625ip reflect their personal experiences, are performed by a seven-piece ensemble. The composer has drawn on the numbers 1625 and the magic number 7 and its fractions, to develop rhythms, harmonic progressions and instrumental combinations.

Opened five years ago, 1532 Performing Arts Centre is a purpose-built theatre, dance and music facility for Bristol Grammar School and Bristol as a whole. The premiere is at 7.30pm.