Nightjars at Arne

THE Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has arranged a weekly series of walks to discover the elusive nightjars at the RSPB Arne nature reserve, on Thursday evenings in June and July, starting at 8pm.

Ellie Sunderland, RSPB Arne visitor experience officer, says: “Experience one of our most mysterious birds in a stunning and exclusive part of RSPB Arne not usually open to the public. Folklore has named the nightjar goat sucker, corpse-fowl, and scissor grinder! Come along and learn more about the heathland and why it’s a crucial home to the nightjar and other special wildlife.”

The walks take place on Thursday evenings throughout June and July with the option of a two-course meal beforehand enjoyed at the RSPB Arne Café – booking required: and for more information visit:

Photograph by Andy Hay