On your bike with Mr Hardy

HAS anyone got an old bike (or even two) that they could lend to Dorchester’s New Hardy Players. The bikes are needed for the next Tea With Mr Hardy events at Max Gate on 18th and 20th September.

Andy Worth of the Players says: “I need to borrow two old bicycles that would look reasonably authentic for circa 1900. They need to be ridden a short distance, so ideally they will have tyres that stay up and brakes that are reasonably functional!

“I’m quite happy to get them cleaned up and oiled if anyone has an ancient ‘sit up and beg’ bike in the back of the garden shed. I can also come and collect.”

The guests at this tea are Hamo Thornycroft the sculptor and his wife Agatha, who was one of Hardy’s inspirations for Tess. They visited Max Gate in September 1895, having ridden across from the New Forest. Agatha reputedly rode her bike down the ramparts of Maiden Castle!

“We won’t be doing that bit…..” says Andy. If anyone can help, please contact him by email or on 01308 482443