One Giant Leap at “Moonbury” Rings

THOUSANDS of Dorchester residents are preparing to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, with events including Dorchester Arts’ spectacular lantern parade and a music performance of Apollo – One Giant Leap at Maumbury Rings, on Friday 19th July.

Schools across Dorchester and beyond have been preparing for the performance for weeks, and Dorchester Arts is inviting the whole community to get involved. Geof Edge, the locally-based composer of Apollo – One Giant Leap, has written a song called Touch the Moon for the audience to sing as part of the performance – see the words and music at

The performance will feature West End performer Graham Bickley as narrator, and conductor/percussionist extraordinaire Alasdair Malloy, with professional musicians.

Mark Tattersall, Dorchester Arts’ artistic director, says: “It will be an amazing atmosphere, and to have this lovely melody sung by an audience of thousands as well as the young people on stage will create an unforgettable memory!”

More than 3,500 people are expected at “Moonbury” Rings to see and hear this performance, under the light of Luke Jerram’s spectacular Museum of the Moon installation, a giant sculpture of the moon based on NASA photographs.

Over the weekend of 19th to 21st July, Maumbury Rings will become Moonbury Rings with a three day festival for all ages featuring some great entertainment and lots of opportunities to join in.  These include on Saturday, Dorchester Town Council’s popular annual outdoor cinema event, themed around space and the moon, and on Sunday, a Learn to Be an Astronaut’ science day.

Dorchester Arts is also collecting Moon Memories and would like to hear where you were on 20th July 1969. Were you an adult glued to the television all night long, or a small child watching with wonder?

Perhaps you weren’t even born and you’ve grown up listening to tales from family members or fell in love under the light of the moon and want to tell us about it. Whatever your stories, Dorchester Arts wants to hear them. Send your stories and photos to

Image © Robin Mackenzie