Roche Court open air

MOST galleries are closed because of Lockdown 2, but the New Art Centre’s open air collection, the Roche Court Sculpture Park, at Winterslow near Salisbury, can be visited (booking is essential).

Each week the gallery picks its Work of the Week – this week’s is the witty and delightful Celloswarm, a 2002 sculpture in bronze, stone and gold leaf by Bill Woodrow.

The artist says: “Periodically changing the way I make sculpture is important to me, no matter how successful a certain way of working may be at the time. Finding new ways enables me to question my own position as well as today’s continually changing values.”

Celloswarm came out of a time in the late 1980s when the artist began to cast work in bronze, a transition from his direct manipulation of found objects. In pursuing this new way of making, the qualities of objects were transcribed into an entirely new form, rather than being directly worked upon.

Celloswarm was one of a series of sculptures that covers familiar and inanimate objects with swarms of golden bees suggesting movement and activity. The swarm series was a response to Woodrow’s experience of a cluster of bees coating his hand at a beekeeping course in the late 1990s. He described it as “incredibly light and there was this slight movement that you could just feel on your skin and there was this constant temperature. It was a very light, delicate touch. There was something fabulous about having this thing on your hand and that experience stuck with me.”

To book a visit at Roche Court Sculpture Park, email