Palin’s Erebus, Python and other stories

MICHAEL Palin, actor, Python, traveller, comedian, writer and broadcaster is coming to Salisbury and Bath on 4th and 7th July with a show coinciding with the paperback release of his acclaimed history and travel book, Erebus: The Story of a Ship.

The much-loved globe-trotter and television star will be at Salisbury City Hall on Thursday 4th July and Theatre Royal Bath on Sunday 7th.

In the first part of the show, he tells the story of HMS Erebus, the tough little ship that took on the Antarctic and the Arctic in the 1840s. His richly illustrated talk conveys the triumph and tragedy of the ship’s short and doomed life, and what it was about it that made him so keen to tell its story.

In the second half, Michael tells his own life story, including how his three favourite subjects at school (geography, history and comedy) have shaped his life, from Monty Python to Ripping Yarns and the many television travel series that have taken him all around the world, from the North Pole to North Korea.