Peter Ursem exhibition on-line

JUST a month ago, print-maker and artist Peter Ursem was looking forward to an exhibition with The Arborealists, at the Museum of Somerset in Taunton.

Now, with the exhibition cancelled, because of Covid-19, in common with all visual and performing arts events, the Dutch-born artist, who lived in Dorset for many years and is now based at Gresham House Studio in the Tamar Valley, has put his latest works on screen.

He says: “As most of us are now temporarily housebound, I thought I would bring you some of my latest works on screen. A digital reproduction is never the same as seeing artworks in real inks or paint, but at least I can give you a little bit of background for each work.”

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Dartmoor Lines – A lino print inspired by the wonderful, sometimes surreal Dartmoor landscape. Peter recalls his first visit to the UK 30 years ago, and a four-day trek across Dartmoor. “Now I live so close and can make a refreshing Dartmoor walk whenever I want.”

Tate Birches – Who doesn’t love the cleverly planted birch trees between Tate Modern and the river? The birches are so delicate, changeable, fragile, even in winter time, whilst the Tate building is so sure of itself, confident, arrogant even. This print is made in two different blocks, both used for reduction printing.

Sky Scraping –Another reduction print in two blocks, each reduced in stages to get the various colour and tone effects. Peter describes how one of the challenges in cutting this prints was finding the rhythm of all the branch-work that trees themselves can create so effortlessly.