Photographer returns to first love

WILTSHIRE photographer Nigel Hudson has recently retired after 35 years of professional film and photography for clients, and has returned to his first love, the printed image.

He first picked up a camera when he was a student at St Martin’s School of Art in London in the mid 70s.  It is a tool that he uses every day of his life and it is the conduit through which he expresses his ideas and emotions.

As a professional photographer, his passion revolved around the ‘live’ situation. It was, he says, “all about the chase – being open to the changes and the ability to respond in an instant, capturing moments that get to the heart of the story.”

His professional career has involved commissions and work for many large corporations including Sainsbury’s, British Gas, Barclays, O2, the Travel Corporation. Orange and the Royal Bank of Canada.

He says: “I have worked with some wonderful clients over the years and I have travelled the world on their behalf. Some beautiful places and some not so beautiful places, but never a dull moment. Most importantly, photography has given me a voice through which I can express ideas and emotions and for that, I am eternally grateful.”

Now retired, he is devoting his time to “realising my own personal vision of the world in which I live.” And after years of supplying film and digital files to clients, he is concentrating on the printed image. Visit his website, to see more of his work.

Pictured: Birch trees in Savernake Forest; photograph by Nigel Hudson