Phyllis Wolff – at The Slade Centre

THE November weather can do its worst with gunmetal skies and driving rain – the sun is shining of gloriously colourful paintings at The Slade Centre in Gillingham, where Phyllis Wolff shows new portraits and landscapes from 11th to 26th November.

Gallery owner Anne Hitchcock says: “Writing this on a dark, wet November afternoon it is a joy to be able to invite you to an exhibition full of colour and light. Phyllis Wolff, whose paintings fill the bright and airy spaces at The Slade Centre, has been called ‘The Dorset Colourist’. Seeing her work here, it is easy to understand why.”

The exhibition comes to Gillingham after a successful showing in London and features many of Wolff’s landscape paintings inspired by places she knows well and paths she walks daily, often accompanied by her dog, Solomon, and followed by at least one of her two very beautiful Burmese cats. These daily walks give her a connection to her surroundings and a sympathy with the seasons and weather which is so apparent in her work.

Returning home to Dorset after the excursion to London, she said: “Even just half an hour in the studio and a walk in the quiet, loving landscape I meet myself again.”

This exhibition also showcases Phyllis’s talent as a portrait artist. Since the beginning of the year she has been working on a series of portraits of very special women whom she variously describes as ‘scintillating, sexy, serene, seasoned …sometimes serious, always zesty.”

The exhibition also features sculptures by Sherborne-based artist, Anita Toscani.

Pictured: One of Phyllis Wolff’s vibrant landscape paintings, and four of her portrait subjects at the private view in the Mayfair exhibition in Shepherd Market.