Pride of place – Place of Pride

A NEW photographic competition, with £500 cash prizes, has been launched, inviting professional and amateur photographers to submit entries that capture their emotional connection with a place in their area.

Run by specialist insurance provider, Ripe Photography, the inaugural Place of Pride competition is open to photographers of all abilities. The image can be of anything, but each entry must include an identifying feature of the place being captured; something that sums up its spirit. This could be a noteworthy building, a street sign, or any other distinguishable point of interest. The caption should provide a description of the place and why it has been chosen.

The prizes will be £350 to the winner, £150 to the runner up and £50 for third place. The judge will be Ronya Galka, who was recently voted one of Britain’s top 10 street photographers and has previously been nominated for Best Photographer at the Sony World Photography Awards.

Ronya says: “Some of my best pieces of work have been ones that create a strong emotional connection. It’s not just about taking a well-executed photograph. It’s about the emotions that it triggers within me when I look at it. I will be looking for a great image of a specific place that brings its most captivating and emotionally stimulating features of to the fore.”

To enter Place of Pride, photographers must post an image of their chosen place on their own Instagram page, tag @ripe_photography_ in the image and caption and include the hashtag #PlaceOfPride.

The competition is open until 31st May and winners will be announced within two to four weeks of the closing date.