Rachel Sargent workshops

PAINTER and print-maker Rachel Sargent, who has her studio at Gold Hill Farm, Child Okeford, continues her series of four workshops, covering printing, drawing and lino-cutting.

The first two were at the beautiful Springhead Mill and gardens at Fontmell Magna in February and March when the snowdrops and spring bulbs will be stunning.

The second two are in the light, airy and spacious village hall at Ashmore, a short walk from the famous pond and surrounded by spectacular views.

Ashmore village hall is the venue for two workshops on lino-cutting, an introduction to the craft on Wednesday 10th April, and a guide to two-block lino-cutting on Wednesday 4th May.

The first workshop will introduce participants to the basic techniques of creating a black and white linocut, learning the various methods of carving, inking and printing to produce a series of unique prints by the end of the day. The May workshop will show you how to create a two block linocut where you carve two linocuts which can be printed one on top of the other to create a two colour print.

You can contact Rachel on 07957 452 853 and for more information visit https://www.rachelsargent.co.uk/new-outdoor-workshops