Riisager at The Art Stable

LANDSCAPE painter Christopher Riisager returns to The Art Stable at Gold Hill Organic Farm, Child Okeford, for an exhibition of recent work, Day By Day, from 6th February to 6th March.

Since graduating from Goldsmiths with a BA in Fine Art in 1984, Christopher Riisager has built a profound knowledge of the landscapes he loves in Wiltshire and Dorset. Constantly striving for new subjects and challenges, he travels the countryside looking for compositions that reveal something new in even the most familiar places to himself and, ultimately, the viewers of his work.

In his studio on the Dorset-Wiltshire border, Christopher surrounds himself with his experiments in painting, sculpture, collage and printing. All reveal a deep curiosity about and dedication to artistic explorations of form, figure, colour and texture extending through separate disciplines to inform each other. Both older and more recent paintings show the solid influence of the tonal painting of the 19th century – the French classicism of Corot and the English stylishness of William Nicholson.

His studies of Wessex are supplemented with paintings of southern France, which provide an opportunity to work in a different scale and tone.  The open vistas of south-east France, studded with crumbling buildings and collapsed bridges, offer a contrast to the tree-enclosed cattle droves and sheltered, sheep-studded valleys of England.

The second exhibition at The Art Stable, also running from 6th February to 6th March, features the distinguished West Country abstract painter, Brian Rice. All the work will be available to see on the gallery website, www.theartstable.co.uk

Pictured: Christopher Riisager’s Snow at Hatch, oil on board, and Ox Drove, oil on canvas.