Rock star funds Marine’s new website

ROCK legend Ian Gillan, the lead singer and songwriter of Deep Purple, who has a home near Lyme Regis, has funded the new website for the town’s 125 year old Marine Theatre.

The rock star, whose Deep Purple hits include Smoke On The Water and Child In Time, had been coming to events at the Marine for many years, and just over a year ago he became an honorary patron of the theatre.

Gabby Rabbitts, the Marine director, says: “Our old website had run its course and we were finding it difficult to communicate with our audience and the community. The new website is responsive, user friendly, and people can become members. We are very grateful to Ian Gillan for funding this important project and we hope that everyone enjoys using the new site.”

Ian Gillan, who also has a home in Portugal, said he was delighted to support the Marine Theatre in its anniversary year: “It does a fantastic job at bringing names into the town, while celebrating local performers. This new website is helping to communicate their important work to the community.”