Save the pub and find the horse with Wassail

WASSAIL Theatre’s pub play Horses! Horses! is on a second tour of the west country, starting on Thursday 6th February and running until the end of March.

The Somerset-based company first performed Rina Vergano’s play in 2018,

Following a successful tour of Horses! Horses! in 2018, and now joins forces again with Theatre Orchard.

It’s a familiar story to those of us who live in the rural areas, using the pub, or losing it.

“The Pub is the Hub, ladies and gents, so it’s use it or lose it time”. Johnny’s putting on a Big Fun fundraiser tonight at the Nags Head, though he’s not in the mood for fun

While landlord Johnny is desperately trying to save his pub, his wife Susie is hiding out down on Ted’s farm. Horses! Horses! is the darkly comical tale of a stolen horse, wild west-country soul, and most of all, the mess we make of relationships.

It is performed in your local boozer with pub games, pints, crisps, heartbreak and laughter, county music, lots of karaoke and a few surprises.

For more details, visit the Wassail website, or read the FTR review of the first tour of a taste of atmosphere.