Screen Bites Second Slice at Gold Hill Organic Farm

SCREEN Bites Second Slice, Dorset’s food and film festival, now run by Susanne Harding and a new team, joins forces with Goldhill Organic Farm at Child Okeford on Saturday, 15th September for a Film in the Barn evening, beginning at 6pm.

Gold Hill Organic Farm is also home to The Art Stable, glass blower Emsie Sharp, artist and print maker Rachel Sargent, and has a cafe, so there will be plenty to do as well as lots of local food.

The film will be The Real Dirt on Farmer John, a fascinating documentary made in 2005, which the original Screen Bites food film festival showed to an enthusiastic audience in Bridport’s Electric Palace.

It is an inspiring and unusual story of a man who challenged conventional farming practices in the American mid-west and made a very different success as a pioneer of community agriculture.

Filmmaker Taggart Siegel captures two turbulent decades in the life of John Peterson, an Illinois farmer who not only tends the land but also delves into writing and performance art. A man who would as soon work the fields in a feather boa as in a pair of jeans, Peterson made his way out of the bankruptcy and depression that afflicted mid-west farm communities in the 1980s and saved his livelihood through organic agriculture.

The film will be screened in the barn at about 8pm. There will be hay bales and benches to sit on or you can take your own chairs.

Sara and Andrew Cross at Goldhill Organic Farm will be celebrating the launch of the Soil Association’s Organic September with farm tours starting at 6pm so you will be able to see your vegetables growing!