Screen Bites support for food producers

THERE won’t be a Screen Bites Second Slice food film festival this year – thanks Covid-19 for another loss from our cultural calendar – but organiser Susanne Harding is still doing her best to support local food producers.

“Obviously the Screen Bites Festival is not taking place this year (unless things miraculously change for the better in which case we will be celebrating with the rest of you!) so I was wondering what to do to help …”

The result of Susanne’s deliberations is an augmented food producers list on the festival website, with links to producers’ online shops so that those stuck at home or busy on the front line, can order good quality essentials and artisan treats to be delivered to their doorsteps.

Susanne says: “Most of our local producers are still busy in their kitchens making and baking so it would be wonderful if we can help them keep afloat at the same time as keeping ourselves healthy and content with good food. Perhaps neighbours and communities could buy together to save on the delivery costs.”