She’s still younger than Madonna

COMEDIAN Jenny Eclair can’t believe it. She has hit 60. But she can comfort herself with the knowledge that she is still a year younger than Madonna, as she tells audience on her new national tour, Jenny Eclair: Sixty! (FFS!), which has its first West Country dates at the Northcott Theatre, Exeter on 28th October and Paignton Palace on the 29th.

She will be at Herrison Hall at Charlton Down, with Dorchester Arts, on Friday 5th Novembe and The Exchange at Sturminster Newton on Saturday 6th.

Jenny (aka “The Face of Vagisan”) confronts a new decade of decrepitude. Now that it takes 20 minutes of scrolling down to find her date of birth when she’s filling in forms online, should she celebrate or crawl into a hole? What will her 60s hold for this 1960s babe and is it a legal requirement to buy Nordic walking poles?