Shhh – there’s dancing in the streets

NIGHT-owls in the Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch may get a surprise if they are out walking or looking through their windows after dark from 6th to 10th April.

Pavilion Dance South West is bringing its Dancing in the Streets project to the conurbation with the English premiere of Invisible Dances.

This global phenomenon brings dance to your doorstep – Elisabeth Schilling’s Invisible Dances is organised and performed in collaboration with local artists. It is an innovative participatory piece, which overcomes the challenges of lockdown to connect artists and audiences in a very unusual way.

It combines dance and visual art in a poetic and playful way, turning our streets and squares into stages. The performance is unannounced but takes place at night on the streets while residents sleep, ready to surprise them the next morning with its colourful traces.

A group of socially-distanced local dancers will meet in the middle of the night, accompanied by the same number of “tracers”. The dancers start dancing through the town while, behind them, the tracers mark each pathway with chalk spray. Come morning, when everyone wakes up, they will be greeted with colourful lines dancing through the town, intertwining, looping, oscillating – a trace of an “invisible dance”. These traces are a public memory of a dance no-one saw, and an invitation for everyone to join the dance in the street.

Artistic director and PDSW chief executive Zannah Chisholm says: “While our building is closed due to Covid restrictions we have been exploring new and creative ways to bring dance to people in our local community. Invisible Dances is for all ages, experience and most of all is a fun and safe way to join in and enjoy dance.”