Shylock’s world

PERFORMER and writer Gareth Armstrong brings his acclaimed solo play about one of Shakespeare’s most controversial characters, Shylock, to the Marine Theatre at Lyme Regis on Thursday 23rd September.

Shylock is not the title character of  The Merchant of Venice, but the complex, tragic figure of the wealthy Jew is at the heart of the drama and is probably the most famous Jewish character in theatre, and (apart from Dickens’ Fagin) in all fiction.

How, in the 21st century, are we supposed to react to this portrait of a persecuted and despised man who is, at the same time, powerful because of his wealth and proud of his religion and heritage.

Armstrong, who wrote the play, explores Shylock’sworld, examining religious and racial intolerance,the history of the play in performance and celebrating the richness of Shakespeare’s language.

Shylock was first performed at the 1997 Edinburgh Fringe, receiving positive reviews in the national press and five stars from festival critics. It has toured to 50 countries and received awards all over the world.