Solo touring open air musical

SISATA, the East Dorset based open air touring company associated with Doppelganger Produc­tions, has chosen a new gypsy musical, Feral, for its 2019 outing.
The first Dorset performance is on 2nd June at Wimborne.

Written by John Foster and directed by Charmaine K Parkin, the one-woman show has been developed with  singer-songwriter Hui Hue and harpist Caolan Walpot.

It explores racism, community, the gypsy experience and the conflict between logic and intuition, following the story of 18-year-old Simone as she is gripped by a magnetic and overwhelming wanderlust.

The press release says: “Forced by powerful and disturbing impulses to abandon her family and travel in the open, Simone runs away from home and ventures into the wilds of the Dorset landscape. Living rough and stealing money and food to survive, Simone weaves an erratic trail, moving across the contours of the land and meeting an ensemble of characters – some supportive, others antagonistic and even threatening. But her luck cannot hold forever and the police are soon in pursuit, along with her past.”
See this unusual solo open air musical on 2nd June at Priest’s House Garden, Wimborne, on 8th June at Forest Arts, New Milton, 9th June at Town Hall Arts, Trowbridge or on 14th June at Poole Lighthouse. On 14th and 15th July Feral will be at the amphitheatre at Prince Albert Gardens in Swanage, daily at 2.30.

Visit the Sisata website for more information.