Spamalot clops in to Shaftesbury

“LET’S not go to Camelot – it is a silly place!” says the once and future king, as seen through the eyes of the Monty Python team.

Shaftesbury Arts Centre’s Music and Drama Group has chosen the hilarious musical adventure for their summer show, on stage in Bell Street from 10th to 13th and 17th to 20th July, nightly at 7.30.

The audience is invited to join King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table on their mission from God, to follow a quest for the Holy Grail.

The chivalrous bravery of the knights, legendary in literature, is not quite the same here. Meet Sir Robin the Brave, Sir Bedevere, the Lady of the Lake, Sir Lancelot … and not forgetting Arthur’s “horse” Patsy). Meet their mortal foes,  the Black Knight, the French Taunter, the Knights who say Ni, Tim the Enchanter and the Rabbit in General.

The score includes the satirical The Song That Goes Like This, Not Dead Yet, Brave Sir Robin, Whatever Happened to My Part, I’m All Alone and (inevitably) Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.

The production is suitable for audiences aged 14 and older.

The Shaftesbury cast includes Phil Elsworth as Arthur, with Bryan Farrell as Patsy, Anne Louise Richard as the Lady of the Lake, Anthony Atwood as Dennis and Sir Galahad, Chris Bailward in the transitioningly parental parts of Dennis’s mother and Her­bert’s Father, Charles Dillon is Sir Lancelot with Beth Gray as Sir Robin the brave, Peter Morris as Sir Bedevere, Millie Booth as Herbert, Jerome Swan doubling as the Historian and Tim the Ench­anter, Jade Hall as Sir Bors, Susan Grant as Not Dead Fred and dancers Denise Baldwin, Millie Booth, Susan Grant, Sophie Lester, Conny Rutter, Janine Rutter, Jennifer Trenchard and a chorus of  Sue Cadmore, Heidi Epps, Alison Lindeman, Siobhan        McCarthy and Sam Stubbs.

Tickets are selling fast. Contact the Arts Centre for more details.

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