Spinning a new community play

OVER the past 30 years Dorchester has achieved the unique distinction of producing more community plays than any other town in the country – and next year the community play association is planning to stage number seven.

It is a remarkable legacy which owes much to the  passion, talent and time given by hundreds of local people, on stage, behind the scenes, making costumes, playing music, building sets, helping with the marketing and many more essential roles.

Each play has involved more than 100 performers, plus musicians, performing to an audience of 200 a night for 11 performances. Many of the casts had never performed before but once involved, most have become hooked and come back for the next show and the next and …

Dorchester Community Play Association is now gearing up to stage the seventh production in 2020.

Based on real events and brought to life by playwright Stephanie Dale, Spinning the Moon is set in early 16th century Dorchester. Like Shakespeare’s series of history plays, it provides a snapshot of what was happening nationwide shortly after the bloody Wars of the Roses, weaving it into a local story of rural disturbance, social change and witchcraft.

The association, which is a registered charity, has now launched the first phase of the £25,000 fundraising campaign to make Spinning the Moon happen. For more information visit www.dorchestercommunityplay.org.uk