Spinning the Moon postponed again

SPINNING The Moon, Dorchester’s seventh community play, has been postponed again, this time from spring 2022 until spring 2023.

The decision by the Dorchester Community Plays Association was taken in view of the  ongoing effects of Covid, as well as other logistical concerns.

Spinning the Moon was originally due to be performed over Easter 2020, but rehearsals were brought to an abrupt halt by the first lockdown.

There were hopes that the cast of more than 120 performers would be back rehearsing in time to stage the play by spring 2022, but uncertainties still surrounding rising Covid numbers have put the play back another year.

Rowan Seymour, the chairman of DCPA, says: “After an exhaustive risk assessment, the DCPA board has made the decision that there is not enough certainty to go ahead with our production of Spinning the Moon in April 2022.

“Uncertainty about the Covid-19 situation over the coming winter months and other logistical factors have played their part in this thinking. The health and safety of the cast, crew and audience are our major priority.”

The play will be re-launched early in 2022, with a production date of April 2023. Rowan says: “Although this is extremely frustrating and disappointing, we will use this time and opportunity to make Spinning the Moon the incredible production I know it will be!”

Spinning the Moon, written by Stephanie Dale and directed by Peter Cann, is set in and around Dorchester and Abbotsbury just after the Wars of the Roses.

It combines humour and horror with local history and social unrest and is performed with a cast of more than 120 people plus musicians and a massive backstage crew.

The past couple of years have been a particularly challenging time for the arts and theatre and for the local community, says Rowan: “We have all closed down and have had to live quieter and restricted lives. Now, as we gradually unfold and cope with the winter ahead, we can look forward to gathering together once again, be it as a cast member, a costume maker, back stage and front of house crew or audience and really celebrate our community through the preparation and performance of Dorchester’s seventh community play  in 2023.”