Steve Trotts back to the Northcott

THE south west’s favourite dame, Steve Bennett, returns to Exeter Northcott from 3rd December to 6th January as Dame Trott in Jack and the Beanstalk.

This is a new version of the ever popular story, written and directed by Steve, too.

The poor (no, she’s much poorer than that) Dame Trott lives in a village that is besieged by a spirit in the sky, and he’s not a nice sort of spirit at all.

The villagers dread the thunderous sounds of the ogre, and they dread his henchman on earth, the fiendishly nasty and gruesomely greedy Fleshcreep.

Jack Trott is an archetypal teenager, and really can’t be bothered. But all that changes when he falls in love with the daughter the local landowner, and thinks the best way for a poor boy to impress a rich girl is to save the village from the ogre.  But just how can he get up there?

With the aid of a magic beanstalk, a hen that lays golden eggs and a magic harp, it’s in the bag.