Terpsichorean fireworks from Covent Garden

THE Regent Centre in Christ­church is one of many venues around the country to broadcast a satellite screening of the Royal Ballet’s triple bill on Tuesday 5th November at 7.15.

The three works, Concerto, En­ig­ma Variations and Raim­onda Act III, were choreographed by Frederick Ashton, Kenneth MacMillan and Rudolf Nureyev. Together they display the versatility of this internationally acclaimed company.

MacMillan’s Concerto emb­races both the classical and the contemporary, while Ashton’s Enigma Variations, inspired by the life of Edward Elgar, has a quintessentially British charm.  Raimonda Act III gives audiences the opportunity to experience the choreographic skills of Russian dancer Nureyev.

The evening marks role debuts in Concerto for Anna Rose O’Sullivan, James Hay, Yasmine Naghdi and Mayara Magri, for Laura Morera as Lady Elgar, Francesca Hayward as Dorabella and Matthew Ball as Troyte in Enigma Variations.

Russian dancers and Royal Ballet principals Vadim Mun­ti­girov and Natalia Osipova take on the technical challen­ges of Raimonda Act III, Nureyev’s re-imagining of the final act of Petipa’s grand classical ballet.

Among the venues showing the dance programme are also Frome Merlin and Strode Theatre in Street, which has also booked a 2pm encore on Sunday 10th November.