The Devil’s Violin is Stolen!

THE Devil’s Violin, an exciting ensemble who draw on poetry, storytelling and music to tell dark and amazing stories, will be  at Salisbury Arts Centre on 17th May and at the new Wells Theatre Festival on 12th July with their new show, Stolen.

“No guards met him at the palace.
He made his way through a great pair of gates.
Through chambers that echoed with his footsteps.
He came to a hall thick with fog – was that a statue?
No, not a statue but the King himself.
The King of this country, as still and grey
as the stone his throne was made from.”

Storyteller Daniel Morden transports the audience to this strange and mysterious land, while his words are accompanied by the hypnotic string accompaniment of Sarah Moody and Oliver Wilson-Dickson.

It is an epic journey, through a dreamlike land where you will encounter a king turned to stone, an old woman living in the claw of a giant cockerel and a glass man filled with wasps.

The essence of the best cinema, theatre and literature is a gripping tale well told. By weaving traditional stories into epic narratives, the Devil’s Violin rediscovers the heart of great story-telling. This is a tale of lost loves, bravery, and above all else, hope.