The end of childhood – a timeless fable

A BOY stands on a lakeshore. Behind him is all he’s ever known … The Big Blind, at Portland’s Royal Manor Theatre on Friday 11th October and Gillingham Library on Saturday 12th, is a story with music about the end of childhood.

Ahead of the boy is a chance for love but a much higher chance of death. He’s had a happy life, and a sheltered one. But his father gambled away that life, the debt cannot be paid in money and it won’t be his father who pays. Childhood is over…

The Big Blind is a fairy tale with deep roots in many cultures, that combines storytelling and music. It is brought to life by storyteller Dominic Kelly, and international musicians Bridget Marsden and Leif Ottoson.

Weaving tales from Norway, Scotland, Ireland and India with contemporary Scandinavian folk music, the trio explore the consequences for the young when older generations fail to make adult decisions.