The highs, lows and laughs of parenthood

STAND-up comedian Sam Avery is a first-time parent, suffering all the traumas that go with the baby territory – so what does he do? He turns it into a live show, coming to Swindon Arts Centre, on Saturday 6th July.

Sam has taken his hugely popular blog and best-selling book, The Learner Parent, and turned it into a performance which explores the highs and lows – and laughs of being the father of twins.

Parenthood is a crafty beast, he says. The second you master something it changes the game so you’re rubbish at it again.

Sam launched his blog when his twin boys were born. A million nappies, Peppa Pig episodes and a head-full of hair loss later, he shares his honest, messy account of wrestling with sleep deprivation and breast pumps.

Whether it’s his botched attempts at discipline or his pathetic bids to stifle toddler tantrums that registered on the Richter scale, Sam’s Learner Parent will have audiences rolling on their pelvic floors with laughter.