The power of Aristophanes in sketches

SOUTHAMPTON’S new Nuffield City venue starts the autumn season on 6th September with Women in Power, an exciting new look at the Aristophanes classic The Assembly­women in sketches, songs, dance and music.

It is the result of a collaboration by An Assembly of Women – Wendy Cope, Jenny Eclair, Suhayla El-Bushra, Natalie Haynes, Shappi Khor­sandi and Brona C Titley, with Labour MP Jess Phillips as the latest addition. It is directed by Blanche McIntyre.

In Athens in 350 BC, the country is in political turmoil. Recent wars and alli­an­ces have left Athenians no option but to take the most extreme action … the most radical … a government of women!

Praxagora masterminds and leads a daring coup d’etat, outlining her utopian vision of total equality to her crowd of cross-dressing collaborators. She envisages a world where power imbalance is eradicated and with it debt, greed and theft.

But the consequences are unintended and hilarious.

The play runs at Nuffield City from 6th to 29th September. For more information, telephone 023 8067 1771 or visit the website,