Think you know Fagin?


THE Kick in the Head Theatre tour of a new play, Fagin?, comes to Exeter’s Cygnet Theatre on Friday 12th October at 7.30pm.

Inspired by the Dickens’ classic and written and directed by Simon Downing, the powerful new play gives a fresh twist to the grooming criminal Fagin. Set on Fagin’s last night in prison and and his descent into madness, before being hanged, it offers an explanation of who Fagin really was.

Dickens provided no back story for Fagin, but the character is widely believed to have been based on Ikey Solomon, a notorious criminal and fence in the early 19th century. Dickens was a court reporter before turning to fiction, and it is more than possible that he covered Solomon’s sensational Old Bailey trial in June 1830.

“If you think you know Fagin,” says Downing, “think again.”

The setting is simple, the themes  of love, greed, deception, betrayal, regret and retribution are universal, the subtle interplay between the three characters intense.

For more information about the Cygnet performance, telephone 01392 277189 or visit the website,