Tiger Lillies back in the south west

THE Tiger Lillies, hailed as the Godfathers of alternative cabaret, come to the end of the seven-venue British leg of their European tour with performances at Taunton Brew­house and Bath Komedia on Saturday and Sunday 22nd and 23rd June.

Martyn Jacques founded the Tiger Lillies in 1989, and the trio’s current line up is multi-instrumentalist Adrian Stout and percussionist Jonas Golland.

Celebrating 30 years of provocatively peculiar entertainment with its roots in Brechtian cabaret and overtones of punk, music hall, vaudeville and street theatre, their cult following extends across Europe (they are particularly popular in Austria and Russia!).

Their musical world is dark and hilarious with moments of  beauty, and in the anniversary show the Tiger Lillies promise to take their audience on a trip to the Devil’s Fairground, where temptation and sin await!

For more details, contact the Brewhouse on 01823 283 244 or visit www.thebrewhouse.net, or for Komedia telephone 01225 489070 or visit the website, www.komedia.co.uk/bath