Adults at the egg


Depression. Glitched style photo.

BATH’S dedicated youth theatre space, the egg, has invited adult audiences in for three new shows this month.

The Bath Theatre Royal space showcases the talents of older performers, with three productions  ending with Legacy, on stage from 25th to 27th July.


The timely new play from award-winning writer Matt Grinter is directed by Lee Lyford and performed across two venues at the egg theatre.

Set in an apparently leafy village, the community gathers to debate their complicated history, the thorny dilemma of what’s in a name, and whether they should pin their colours to the philanthropic acts of a slave trader? People talk passionately about forgiveness, responsibility, morality and community, and the need to speak out against a wrong that happened before they were born.

Quietly however, something begins to happen to them, something that each of them tries their best to ignore…

All three plays are suitable for audiences aged 18 and older.  For more information about all of these productions phone 01225 823409 or 448844 or visit the website,