Transportation and the women left behind

TIME and Tide theatre collective visits Springhead at Fontmell Mag­na on Sunday 13th Octo­ber with a performance of To Win the Day.

The powerful folk-drama, telling the stories of the women left behind when the Tolpuddle men were convicted and transported in 1834 through folk songs and tunes and extracts from letters and documents of the time.

This is the first time that a play has considered what the treatment of the Tolpuddle Martyrs by the authorities meant for their families. It takes a first glimpse of the lives of the wives and families who were left behind, devastated and penniless, when their men were transported for “swearing an illegal oath” – the origins of the Trades Unions.

The Dorset-based collective follows the story tale of how a hitherto quiet rural existence became part of a nat­ional political situation.

The play has already been seen by audiences at Dor­chester Shire Hall. The perf­ormance at Spring­head starts at 6pm. For more details, telephone 01747 811853.