Transylvanian Blues – a new Dracula

A STRIKING new play coming to Bath’s Rondo Theatre on Friday and Saturday, 16th and 17th March at 8pm, Transylvanian Blues, by Carolyn Csonka, is described as a contemporary take on the Dracula story.

It’s 2018, and a family of Romanian gypsies are racing across the continent in a removals lorry. If they fail to get to England by nightfall, the customs officer could be in for a nasty surprise. What’s more, they begin to question their role in this story. Is rebellion on the cards?

The Roma have almost always been portrayed negatively in literature, and their silent collusive presence in Dracula is no exception. But tonight, they have a voice and tell their own story!

Rapscallion Theatre’s Transylvanian Blues is a dark comedy performed in the company’s signature theatrical and energetic style.

Based in Bath, Rapscallion was set up by writer/director Carolyn Csonka in December 2014 to perform all types of new writing, including new plays, devised work and adaptations. She describes their style of theatre is humorous, irreverent, fast-paced and with a strong physicality.